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Dragon bookplate

3 5/8X 4 ½” Linoleum Block Relief Print (Linocut). Printed with Black ink on Stonehenge paper, 2007-08.  Some impressions are hand-colored with watercolor. (2009)

(Available in very limited edition as Artist’s Proofs)

This piece was inspired by and designed from the novel “The Dragonslayer’s Sword” by Resa Nelson, a dear friend of mine. The dragon is an interpretation of the creatures seen in the Novel.  This linocut was printed especially for the publication release of the novel, and a set of 5, hand-colored prints were presented as a final prize for a contest she ran on her website leading up to the release date of the novel.  Currently, a very small number of impressions are available.

  Want to contact Andy? Palusbuteo AT hotmail DOT com
C: 2008 A. Volpe