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The Eyes Have It II
11 X 14” Ebony pencil and yellow colored pencil on Strathmore paper, 2002.
(Available as a Limited Edition print of 30 prints, signed and numbered 2005)

This is the second piece in a series of works that focuses (intently) on the Owls of New England. This series started with a singular work, “The Eyes Have It” – an ebony and colored pencil drawing of a Great Horned Owl. That piece was completed for my Senior Thesis project at Westfield State College. It was intended to show the owl in extreme closeup, and using aggressive, bold sketchy strokes of the ebony pencil to give a very intense feel, to examine dense textures with media and technique apart from my normally highly detailed, precision pencil work. This second piece, of a Snowy Owl, was completed in 2001, and started the series. There is now a third, that of a Barred Owl.

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