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(Untitled) "Ship and Lighthouse" or "Seascape"

2 X 3" Engravings (total size apx. 4.5 x 3") in Zinc, printed in Phthalo Blue on Arches paper, 2009. Very Limited Edition as Artist's Proofs

This work was started somewhere in 2004 or perhaps 2006 while taking a Printmaking class at Worcester Art Museum, around the same time as work was done on the "Golden Eagle" etching and engraving.  These tiny little zinc plates went through a number of states to get to this present version.  

These were my first true foray into straight Engraving with burins on a metal plate. 

One thing to notice: The scanned image makes the platemarks appear to be reversed, looking like the paper is debossed, or raised, in actuality, these are both embossed into the paper.

This piece was first seen in "New and Revived Works" at Westboro Gallery in Sept. - Nov. 2009.


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