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The role of the Printing Press and of Graphics printing (Engraving, Lithography, etc) is usually associated with Religious texts and Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines, but the Press and Graphic Artists were also made to serve in times of War and Conflict.

In this presentation, Andy will briefly discuss the different types of printing from Gutenberg to the 19th century, and will then examine several instances where the Press had either a direct or indirect role in warfare, how images of epic battles stirred the public, and the military, and potentially government and policy.  Additional topics and artists include but not limited to: Urs Graf's depictions of Landsknecht soldiers, Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer's weapons and siege warfare works, Joachim Meyer's Fechtbuch, Jacob de Gheyn's "Wappenhandliej" drill manual,  Heindrick Goltzius, Rembrandt and other Dutch Masters' "Militia Genre", Francisco Goya and Jacques Callot's Miseries of War series, the Siege of Fort Mystic / The Pequot Wars, King Phillip's War, The Boston Massacre and the Revolutionary War, the Army Field Press in the American Civil War.

This presentation is a work in progress.  Content may not reflect what is listed above due to time constraints.

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Program to be made available as both an Online / Zoom and Live In-Person Lecture presentation, 1-hour in length

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