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1470's1630's "Falconer III" Pen ink and Watercolor, compared to original from "De Arte Venandi Cum Avibus" 1250 AD Emp. Frederich II









"Drawing" from the written and visual art history of the late Medieval - Early Renaissance period, and authentically costumed from around 1470, I give a brief synopsis of art making techniques and materials in use from 1400 - 1600, while discussing the life of an Artist from Apprentice to Master, using anecdotes from surviving manuals and books, notably the "Craftsman's Handbook" by Cennini (1390's) and "Lives of the Artists" by Vasari (1560's).

- I can give a live demonstration of drawing techniques in use during the period:

Silverpoint drawing on a sized panel/paper

Feather Quill pen drawing (I also show how a quill nib is cut)

Ink wash / brush

Charcoal / Conte crayon drawing

- I can also talk about Printmaking methods in use during the period:




- I also bring examples of my own artwork, which include pieces done in these very techniques.

Please Note, this program is constantly evolving.  I've given slide lectures with powerpoint and live demonstrations of techniques, and am currently working on the ability to bring a portable printing press to demonstrate intaglio, as well as metalpoint as a 1-day workshop.  I'm open to ideas.

New: This program can be given with me in either 1460's or 1630's attire. Cost does not change.

Demo/Display Seen at:

V Organic Cafe, Upton MA, April 2013

Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA, Nov 2012

Holden Senior Center, Holden MA, 2011

Franklin Pierce University, 2009, '10, '11

Middle School, Shrewsbury MA, 2009

Medieval / Renaissance Faires around New England

How this program developed:

This presentation started as an informal lecture at Tatnuck Booksellers in 2006, being a lecture for Westboro Gallery* (who has a satellite gallery at the bookstore), as "Falconry and Medieval Art" with guest presenter and good friend Julie Collier of Wingmasters, who brought real life Falcons, Hawks, Owls and a Golden Eagle to help illustrate.  I talked about art and drawing techniques that I had been researching, she talked about Falconry and the birds themselves.

Giving the program costumed and focusing on period Artists debuted in March of 2009 at Tatnuck, as "Medieval Art and Falconry", joined by guest presenter and good friend Larry Keating, who brought Falcons, Owls and Hawks. This program saw me using Silverpoint and quill ink drawing 'in public' for the first time. It was very exciting! 

I gave a solely medieval art techniques program at a school later in March, which included a short PowerPoint slide presentation discussing art techniques in use from the "Byzantine" Late Roman period (ca 500's AD) to about 1600. The students really enjoyed the program, as well as watching me cut feather pens.

The "Medieval Art and Falconry" program was given again at Tatnuck, on Sunday August 16 2009, with Julie Collier.

(Photo Credit: Medieval Artist photos - Nancy Von Hone, 8/2009; Falconer III - A. Volpe, 2009)

* Westboro Gallery closed in March 2013. 








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