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Since schools were closed due to the pandemic, and classes moving into the Virtual realm, I am developing some alternatives to continue presenting to your school and classroom, but online.  Currently I can offer a Prerecorded Q&A Session, a Prerecorded Basic Introduction, or could connect via Zoom.  Q&A Session can vary in length as it will be dependent on how many questions are submitted.

Prices are reduced from my normal in-person rates.  (Mileage is waived).  Please email me at  if you would be interested!

Stay Safe!

Online Profiles, Memberships and Organizations:

Living History Association

North Shore Arts Council, Inc. (part of NEFA / MCC)

MBLC - Massachusetts Libraries Commission

The History List

A brief history of my history programs:

I have been giving public presentations since 2002, and visiting Schools, Colleges, Libraries since 2004.

I am insured with the Living History Association.

This started at Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts. I had originally been employed at the museum for their "OverKnight" program, and started to give Arms and Armor auditorium presentations for the Cub and Boy Scouts who came to the museum.  I quickly fell in love with giving historical presentations.

One day, the museum along with co-worker and friend David Naugle approached me with the concept of giving a Roman program, wearing the armor and everything.  Before I knew it, my program became one of the most popular at the Museum, at one time affectionately known as "Roman Dude", as well as a demonstrator with the Higgins Armory Sword Guild and with other reenacting groups.  My Roman program, including members of Legion III Cyrenaica since 2006, continued to be one of the biggest draws to the museum. Thousands of visitors have seen my presentations over the years. Thank you!

December 2013 saw the closing of Higgins and over 83 years a unique fixture in the United States.  Thank you all who came and enjoyed and supported the museum and its programming. Now referred to as the John Woodman Higgins collection / Higgins Armory Collection, it now incorporated into displays at Worcester Art Museum.  The popular living history weekend programming at Higgins is now re-established at WAM, So please come see the programs and help show your support!

All of my school programs should be considered for grades 6-12 to Adult.  Please note both Roman programs are age appropriate as "PG-13" due to content, and are compatible and flexible with school and state curricula.

To book a program, contact me at my email (avarthistory AT gmail DOT com), phone (508 344  5764) or see my Contact page. Be sure to check my FAQ page to answer questions.  Please email me directly for pricing and availability.

Selected Media Articles (note: some may no longer be available) :

"A Soldier's Tale: Roman legionnarie visits Holden" (TelegramTowns, Holden/Paxton/Princeton/Rutland 2/25/10).  I have been seen in the WT&G a couple of times over the years, notably through events at Higgins Armory Museum.

"Medieval Times at V Organic Cafe":  (Worcester Magazine, April 2013)

"Living (Art) History" (Artizen Magazine #2-4 May 2011).

 "Artist of Many Seasons: Medieval Art topic at Senior Center" (TelegramTowns, Holden/Paxton/Princeton/Rutland, 2/3/11).

Group memberships:

Legion III Cyrenaica (New England area)

Legion XX Valeria Victrix (Maryland / Washington D.C. area; Associate Member)

Company of the Wolfe Argent (1470's Burgundian soldiers; New Hampshire / New England)

Salem Light Infantry / Salem Zouaves (Co. J, 8th Reg. Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, ca. 1861)

~ Also portrays Salem Trayn'd Band, Massachusetts Militia "Pike & Shot" ca. 1630's)

The Printing Office of Edes and Gill (Intaglio printer, Engraver, Limner, 1770's)

Phoenix Swords (Swordfights, Stage Acts, Fire Shows, Tomfoolery)

Higgins Armory Sword Guild (Active member and demonstrator 2001 - 2008,  Studied fencing manuals from 1300's - 1860's). Ceased functions with Higgins closure.



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