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 Note:  I have started a Square Marketplace to offer Artwork for sale.  I will try to keep in updated as best I can.

ADVERTISEMENT: Intaglio/Engraving Printing Demonstrations & Presentations for schools, libraries, college, historical societies, etc.  Now Booking!

The program takes a look at the Engravings of Paul Revere in the 1770s and how it affected the American Revolution, including the infamous "Boston Massacre" print. A great way to supplement America 250th commemorations and curricula!  Either a slide-lecture with prints, or, a full-on printing demonstration with a portable printing press.  Contact me for more info!

(the program can instead be focused on overall Intaglio printing in the New England area ca. 1630 - 1800)

NOTICE:  Living History page is going through some updating issues.  Please refer to my MBLC Library Performers Directory page for another way to see listings in the meantime:

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  Note: Event details and Participation may change without notice. These are events that I, personally, am hosting and/or attending, or as a member with a particular group as indicated. I try to keep updated in time.   


   10 - 1470s Arms & Armor with Co. Wolfe Argent, Worcester Art Museum (demos at 11:30 & 2:00)

   17 - Rembrandt & 1600s Intaglio Printmaking Demonstration at Worcester Art Museum 11am-3pm, Print a Keepsake while supplies last! (more details TBA)


   7 - "A Look at Illustration and Graphic Printmaking in Colonial America" for the Lincoln County Historical Association, Lincoln Maine

Note: ZOOM Online presentation, Registration is required:

   9 & 10 - 1600s Engraving printing (and artwork) at the New England Colonial Trade & Crafts Fair, Dover Lodge of Elks #184 Dover NH

   22-23 - Classical Association of New England (displaying as Legion III Cyr.)  Registration required, University of New Hampshire, Dover NH

   30 - Lecture & Printing Demo of Paul Revere's "Boston Massacre" plate, Museum of Printing, Haverhill MA (time TBD)


   13 - (Tentative) 1630s Colonial Massachusetts Military drill (Salem Trayned Band), Worcester Art Museum (demos at 11:30 & 2:00)

   20 - 1770s /Paul Revere Engraving Printing at Marblehead Museum, Marblehead MA (details TBA)


   4 - 1470s Engraving Printing Demo (my first 15th century printing demo in years!) Renaissance Faire at Ashland Public Library, Ashland MA (details TBA)

   11 - Roman Arms & Armor (Legion III Cyrenaica) at Worcester Art Museum (demos at 11:30 & 2:00)


    1 - 18th Century Engraving Printing Demo, Dorothy Quincy Homestead, Quincy MA (details TBA)

Artwork also available at:

- The Printing Office of Edes & Gill, Boston - Clough House Unity St / adjacent to Old North Church, along the Freedom Trail

note: Limited hours during February School Vacation Week (Feb. 17-24)

 - I am anticipating a return to my "regular" hours in March 2024, Tues-Wed-Thurs. TBA

- National Gallery Framing & Gifts,  Felters Mill, Millbury MA

- Museum Of Printing, Haverhill MA

- TheHistoryList online store

 My Art Studio is available by appointment and I can take sales online!


(1/2024) I don't know why the Events listings are all underlined.  Ah, technology

(12/2023)  Boston Tea Party 250th Commemorative Print, a "What If Paul Revere" Interpretive copperplate engraving, is now complete and now in the middle of printing the 250 edition.  I hope to make a number of prints available on the online store, as well as available on-site in Boston.  follow along at @edesandgill and @av_arthistory

)2/13/23) I've been working on several projects, including an engraving for a commission


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