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Note: Event details and Participation may change without notice. These are events that I, personally, am hosting and/or attending, or as a member with a particular group as indicated. I try to keep updated in time.


        21 - Happy Birthday, Albrecht Durer! (1471)

        29 - Memorial Day Parades in Nahant and Lynn, MA (Salem Zouaves)


        3 - Co. Wolfe Argent at Worcester Art Museum (11:30AM)

        4 - Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

       23 & 24 - Salem Trayned Band at Pequot Museum, Mashantucket CT, 17th century Encampment


        1 - Salem Trayned Band at Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth NH  

        2 - Hand-coloring Paul Revere Prints at the Printing Office of Edes & Gill during HarborFest Boston,

             Unity St. Boston MA

        8 & 9 - LEGION III Encampment and Display at Fort at #4, Charlestown NH

        29 & 30 - Legion III at the Living History Association Timeline, Dover Forge, West Dover VT


       5 - Salem Trayned Band at Salem Maritime Festival, Derby Wharf Salem MA

       12 - (TBA) - Colonial Trades and Event, Old State House Boston MA (as Printing Office E&G) 

       19 & 20 - History Timeline, Schuyler Flatts Park, Schuyler Flatts / Watervilet NY 

        24 - WAYZEGOOSE

        26 & 27 - Civil War Encampment, Fort Adams, Newport RI (New England Brigade)

        28 - Birthday!


ONGOING EVENTS (Art Shows, etc):

- Printing Office of Edes & Gill, Boston,  Replica prints, both monochrome and hand-colored of Paul Revere's Boston Massacre, Landing of the Troops, North Battery certificate; Map of Boston 1775, View of the Clough House. Boston Gazette

- National Gallery Framing & Gifts,  Felters Mill, Millbury MA

- Groundings LLC Health Spa, Main St. Florence, MA

- Whitinsville Wellness Center & Spa, Milford Federal Savings Bank building, 1271 Providence St. Whitinsville, MA

- Museum Of Printing, Haverhill MA

As always, my Art Studio is available by appointment and I can take sales online!


     5/21 - Still working on the Sword-In-Hand Shilling plate for the Printing Office.  Still printing and coloring lots of prints for the P.O.  I've also had a huge influx of Roman school programs, which is *fantastic*, but trying to balance it with a full-time job has proven problematic.  Not complaining, just difficult to figure out a schedule.

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