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     Hello! Welcome to my Webpage.

  My name is Andy Volpe (Andrew P. Volpe).

  I am an Artist, Printmaker, and Living History Presenter. Please check out the various sections to see what I do.

  I was born in Plymouth, MA, and had grown up / lived in Lakeville and Georgetown, although I consider Sturbridge my 'hometown'. I also lived in Westfield when at College. Currently I reside in Worcester.  (pronounce "Woostuh" for those keeping track)

  Having grown up visiting both Plimoth Patuxet (Plimoth Plantation) and Old Sturbridge Village, I guess it was inevitable that I would find myself getting into History and Living History as a thing.  Oddly enough, you couldn't pay me to stand in front of my class in school, let alone doing it wearing historical clothing.  Well, since 2001 I've been doing just that and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  I started giving history while working at Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA (see my Living History page for more info), which closed in 2014 and moved to Worcester Art Museum. In 2006 I essentially became "independent" . As of 2011, I have been doing these programs and working as an Artist 'full time'.

  I like to joke I started drawing when I could first pick up a crayon and eat it. I took some private lessons, as well as classes in High School, and earning a Bachelor's of Art in Fine Arts from Westfield State College (Now Westfield State University), where my focus was on Drawing, Printmaking and Art History.

  Oddly enough, my first true art/drawing experience in school was in Mechanical and Architectural Drafting.  Although I was always fascinated with the traditional tools (T-Square and compasses and the like) but those were being phased out and CAD programs were the new thing.  Never really stayed with it, but the "technical drawing" aspect found its way into my artwork later in College and today.

  Somewhere around 2004 I had remembered some of the interesting historical / "Old Masters" printing and art-making techniques I had learned and done while at Westfield, and had started to develop a school living history presentation / workshop where I'd show younger students a college-level art history course looking at the Old Masters and their work, discuss excepts of their writings about the art industry in their own words, and then show them some of the techniques live.

  Around 2009 I got involved with the Museum of Printing when it was in North Andover (moved to Haverhill in 2015), where I've presented on both Old Master Intaglio and 19th-20th century Printing and Letterpress.  This was also around the time I met Gary Gregory who started the Printing Office of Edes & Gill, in Faneuil Hall Boston, where (we) replicate and print the Revolutionary documents and engravings in 1770s Boston using the exact same methods and materials.  I have been replicating the engravings of Paul Revere, including a full-size Boston Massacre for the 250th anniversary in March of 2020.

  Other (historical) interests are in (military) Aviation, collecting squadron patches and logos, and Flight Sims; Hockey (played goalie for a few years);  Collecting old newspapers and magazines (17th and 18th centuries) and no surprise, a big Bookworm.





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