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Hello! Welcome to my Webpage.

My name is Andy Volpe (Andrew P. Volpe).

I am an Artist, Printmaker, and Living History Presenter. Please check out the various sections to see what I do.

I was born in Plymouth, MA, and had grown up / lived in Lakeville and Georgetown, although I consider Sturbridge my 'hometown'. I also lived in Westfield when at College. Currently I reside in the Blackstone Valley region of Central Massachusetts (Central MA).

I started giving history presentations around 2001 while working at Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA (see my Living History page for more info), and in 2006 I essentially became independent giving my programs. As of 2011, I am giving these programs and working as an Artist 'full time'.

My artwork has been going on since I was a child. I like to joke I started drawing when I could first pick up a crayon and eat it. I have since taken private lessons, as well as classes in High School, and earning a Bachelor's of Art in Fine Arts from Westfield State College (Now Westfield State University), where my focus was on Drawing, Printmaking and Art History.

Because of my 'background' in Art History, I developed a deep love of studying the Old Masters in drawing and printing, and as of 2004, have developed and continue to tweak a Medieval - Renaissance Artist presentation and display that I've brought to schools, colleges, and museums. Basically, not only do I study and show how [drawing] techniques were done, but I work in them as well, attempting to replicate the technique while still giving it my own unique look and feel.

I've long been a "History Nerd", as far back as I can remember. This encompases really anything from History but notably military, aviation and art history, and always interested in how things develop and evolve through time but also how traditional fashions and standards continue to influence the next big thing, or, come back into retro fashion seemingly out of nowhere.

No surprise, I'm a huge bookworm. Recently I seem to have been on a tear 'collecting' old books about Printmaking technology and process, but also trying to obtain copies of ancient art manuscripts and treastises which I try to utilize in my Medieval/Renaissance Artist research and presentations.

My Brother and I are avid gamers, can be found at friends' houses at "game nights" as well as a local comic book store about once a week. I particularly like wargaming and miniatures, having spent a lot of my youth building model aircraft (and sniffing glue...Just kidding), but also a fan of Chess.

Music is a big deal for me, big fan of the 'classic rock' stuff, ranging from 1950's to 1970's, much of the '80's, I enjoy some Big Band swing now and then, Jazz, and Blues. Some 'modern' stuff, some Classical.

Being of Italian and German (and a wee bit'o Scottish) ancestry, Food is another big deal. Not much more to say there, eh?




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